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and how to get paid on it.

My current project is marketing my blockchain patent technology.  http://mycryptopatent.com

My main income focus at the moment is the High Yield Interest Program and how to double your money with crypto currency.

My main purpose is to promote my eBook "Small Dreams Have No Magic, the Key to Success".

My initial goal was to distribute over one million copies of the book and I have now accomplished that after about 20 years. I am now working on reaching another million copies in a year. I plan on doing this by using my eBooks and branding them to various programs.

The branding works by placing links in the eBooks that allow individuals to enter their own name and email for free as the person distributing the eBook. Now they can give the book as a gift.

For $300 dollars you can add their own website on the top of every page of the Small Dreams eBook linking to any website. In fact you will be able to change your name, email and links anytime indefinitely.

You can link to my website Small Dreams Have No Magic through the link below.

You may also link to several other eBooks I am now marketing with my own direct sales program. You can read any of the eBooks and you can join my program for free off the link on the bottom of any page in any eBook.

Once you have joined my program, you can modify the link on the bottom of every page of all the eBooks and earn a referral commission when someone purchases an ad through an eBook you distribute.

Click Here for Small Dreams Have No Magic Dot Com Website

I also write other books and connect the Small Dreams links to various programs.  If you have a project you would like a self branding book connected to, please contact me at the top left or leave a message.

Some of the other eBooks you can download from the Small Dreams Website include:

Ketosis and Weight Control B-OHB Beta Hydroxybutyrate.

Stem Cell Quality Control all about new technology health.

WesharePledges eBook and website marketing program for any product or service.

High Yield Interest Program and how to double your money with crypto currency.

Do not forget the Prosperity Central System I use for mass marketing.